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Join the Back to the Earth Movement and learn the skills to live off the land and power grid. Discover the benefits of communal living and owning a farm.

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At Survive and Thrive, we are passionate about self-sufficiency and helping you find your path to living off the land. Explore our resources and build a resilient life.

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Discover our range of products and services designed to support your self-sufficiency journey. From farm ownership guidance to off-grid power solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Farm Ownership

Discover how to find, buy, and manage your own self-sustaining farm.

Off-Grid Living

Learn the skills and techniques for living off the power grid and producing your own energy and fuel.

Back to the Earth Movement

Join the movement towards reconnecting with the land and building sustainable communities.

Prepper Support

Equip yourself with the knowledge and resources to be prepared for any emergency or crisis.

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Ready to dive deeper into the world of self-sufficiency? Explore our resources and start your journey towards a more sustainable and fulfilling life.


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Why Choose Surviveandthrive?

Discover the unique benefits of joining our self-sufficiency movement


Living Off the Land

Learn how to grow your own food and become self-sufficient on your own farm


Living Off the Power Grid

Harness the power of renewable energy sources and reduce your reliance on the traditional power grid


Join the Back to the Earth Movement

Embrace a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle through communal or cooperative living

Join the Self-Sufficiency Movement Today!


Call: +8801787836963

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